How to navigate your career during a pandemic

Whether you have a job, have lost your job, or are thinking of changing jobs, 2020 has made us think twice about our career paths. It can be difficult and somewhat depressing to think about navigating the job circuit during a pandemic. Catastrophic thoughts are often at the top of our heads like:

  • What if they fire me?
  • What if I can’t afford my housing/expenses for much longer?
  • What if I make a leap of faith and they don’t hire me?
  • What if I stay at my job just for security and I end of miserable?

These are all common thoughts that go through a person’s mind when considering a change in
careers. The most important thing to do is to sit down and get real with yourself. Ask yourself,

  • Am I happy doing this?
  • Is this fulfilling?
  • Am I doing this for me or for someone else?
  • What can I do instead if I am forced to?

Make a list of the pros and cons of your current situation. I am a firm believer in writing everything down, whether it be the grocery list or a profound thought that passes through your head. (Moleskin journals are great for this.) In any event, once you’ve made your list and have a general idea or direction it is time to revamp your resume. It might seem easier to just apply to jobs on Indeed or Monster with a recycled resume but it does make all the difference when you have tweaked things.

Now it is time to start making a list of careers that interest you and doing a broad search online. You might be tempted to just hit apply right away to hundreds of jobs: this is not the way. Take the time to really read the descriptions of what you are applying for and get excited about each application! It is definitely quality over quantity. If you are still having difficulty with the process, feel free to enlist the support of a career coach or contact me! I worked as a guidance counselor for several years before transitioning to becoming an LMHC.

The most important piece of navigating your career path during a pandemic is being kind to yourself. Allow yourself time and space to learn about new careers, talk to mentors in the field, and take mental health breaks when you feel you are becoming overwhelmed by the process.

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