21 Self-Care Practices for 2021

I am not fond of resolutions because they never seem to stick. Is January 1st the only time a person can refresh and reboot? Hopefully not! Rather, I’d like to think of them as micro resolutions or even better, self-care practices. Self-care is a word that has been thrown around a lot these days. What are you doing for self-care...[ read more ]

What is a “happy light”?

Getting one’s Vitamin D from the sun is always best, however, mother nature doesn’t always like to play nice. As the days continue to get shorter and it is darker for longer periods of time during the day, one can feel somewhat gloomy, sad, and depressed. A “happy light” will bring the sun indoors on those cold, dark, rainy days....[ read more ]

What does a holistic approach to mental health look like?

The term “holistic approach” means looking at the whole person, not just their mental health needs. It includes physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing. It is important to view one’s mental health from a holistic approach because there may be pieces of the puzzle that are missing if we just look at one’s issues through a singular lens. Many practitioners...[ read more ]

How to navigate your career during a pandemic

Whether you have a job, have lost your job, or are thinking of changing jobs, 2020 has made us think twice about our career paths. It can be difficult and somewhat depressing to think about navigating the job circuit during a pandemic. Catastrophic thoughts are often at the top of our heads like: What if they fire me? What if...[ read more ]

What to expect in your first online therapy session:

Nowadays online therapy has become the norm. After work, people are turning on their computers and sitting on their own couches to decompress with a trusted professional. Many people who are new to online therapy, or therapy in general don’t know what to expect. This fear of the unknown can create some anticipatory anxiety before the first session which is...[ read more ]

The Significance of a Service Animal

Service animals are everywhere. We see them in grocery stores, on airplanes, in restaurants. While a large part of society does not agree with how much freedom service animals are allowed, some people would not be able to leave their homes without them. Some service animals are trained to detect seizures, while others can alert their owners to diabetes attacks....[ read more ]

How to UNPLUG in a social media saturated world

Your alarm goes off and you reach for your phone to check instagram, facebook, twitter…You were feeling OK about yourself until you saw one of the social media influencers that you follow heavily filtered wearing designer clothes head to toe saying “I woke up like this.” How can this be real life? It’s definitely not. Might I make a few...[ read more ]

Living with someone who has ADHD

Living with ADHD as an adult is not easy, but living with someone who has ADHD can be even more difficult. Symptoms range from impulsivity, disorganization, poor time management skills, difficulty multitasking, and difficulty staying on task. Here are some tips and tricks that help you communicate with your partner more effectively without hurting their feelings. Impulsivity: Whenever Alana went...[ read more ]

“I Don’t Want To Go”….A Practical Guide to Dealing with Social Anxiety

Have you ever felt this way? I wasn't always this way. In fact, I remember being somewhat extroverted in college. I would jump at the chance to go out at night, see my friends, go to parties. My anxiety crept up on me slowly, like honey in a jar. It didn't help moving from the city to the suburbs where...[ read more ]

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